Get to know Dale Bertrand

I was born in Prince Rupert B.C. and raised in California and Western Canada. My first recognition for showing artistic talent was when I tied for 1st place in an art contest in grade 3 at Red Deer Alberta, and received an oil painting . This may have influenced art teaching I have done over the years. When I was young I spent summers on my uncle's farm in Alberta and enjoyed the companionship of many of my cousins.

During the middle school years my interest was keen on Sciences, Math and Physics. It wasn't until I was well into my twenties and living in Toronto that I grew to love reading and at the same time took up Photography. I studied Photography at the "Three Small Schools" in Toronto and Computers at Ryerson Polytechnical College and George Brown College. I also apprenticed with "Face to Face" Communications. I still remember my lecturer's comments when I studied photography to "shoot everything and anything in all kinds of conditions and lighting and make records of your shots to learn what works and what doesn't," I went out and did just that. Travelling for 6 months in India,one and one half years in Europe, 2 months in Thailand, 3 months in Japan, 1 month in Gautemala, 1 month in Peru, 6 months in Mexico, 6 months in England, three months in Wales and three weeks in Korea. I have recorded our trips, photographing the areas we visited, and some of the peoples we met. I began to become appreciative of the beauty of nature and the desire to protect it through sharing my own insights from our travels.

In my travels to Wales I was doing research on John Hugh Roberts . I have transcribed old manuscripts and dairies of this Welsh mystic , and arranged shows of his son across Canada. Tomtu Huron Roberts was a well known early Canadian artist. I am presently working on two books from my research.

I created the "Giant Flower Island" voyage, a part of Della Burford's book, "Journey to Dodo Land," which was performed in New York for seven years. This started from macro photographs of flowers taken at botanical gardens in Toronto and Hawaii. I also worked with Della and helped illustrate the book "Magical Earth Secrets" and co-authored "The Environmental Activity Guide."

I began to teach various workshops on the environment for schools for children and adults and am have taught Business ESL ( including Speech Presentations) and Internet courses in Vancouver. My favourite workshops to share with the children are the "Medicine Wheels", "Love the Earth" murals and "Environmental Posters". One of the murals done with the students at a First Nations School in Toronto was shown in Sweden.

Della and I have spent many years teaching and sharing our work with children in many places in the world. I helped design "Dodo Land in Cyberspace" which was one of the first children's electronic magazines on the internet. I enjoy designing Web sites for companies and have designed the "Heritage Tours" web-site in Australia. I have helped organize and teach programs around the world and enjoy exploring new cultures. I am presently teaching Speech Presentations and Business to students from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Korea, Japan, Mexico and Brazil . Beside this I am busy doing web-design, photographing and writing a celtic inspirational novel.

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