Cyber Picture Story
Think of a story to go with the characters.

A girl named Lori Korth, when she was at St. Ambrose school in Toronto, wrote and illustrated a book in a project with "Journey to Dodoland" author Della Burford and librarian Mary Anne Dente. Let's look at Lori's heroine and her family.

Twenty million and forty nine years ago the people who controlled the sun and moon gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Earth. A few months later she was a big sister to a set of twins. They named the boy Breeze and the girl Wave. Their parents did a good job of bringing up the children. They always taught them to be full of love and thoughtfulness. They also taught them that as long as the world is clean and pure they would stay young forever.

These are the characters. What would your story be? Remember to have creative solutions to problems. Send your story by email or snail mail to address at the home page.

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