Giant Flower Islands
Introductory Issue #1

"I'm so glad to see you again!

As you know I'm the Elemental Dodo, welcome to the Giant Flower Islands where the flowers are as big as a house. Since you have your bird helmet you will be able to fly inside and see the beautiful colours, smell the perfumes and hear the flowers sing. This is our special nature retreat in Dodo Land and here you can learn about taking care of the environment."

Click what you would like to do:

Purple center -

Go into a Giant Flower. (Photographs by Dale Bertrand)

 Red center -

Write a letter to the Elemental Dodo

 Pink center -

Do an Endangered Animal Poster with the Panda

 Green center -

Think of a Favourite Tree dance, poem or song with Flutter Flump the Elephant

 Yellow center -

Make up a Waste Not rap song with the Giraffe Girl

 Blue center -

Meet the Eagle Child

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