Hero or Heroine

Create a hero or heroine to help save the environment or people or animals in trouble. Remember to use your imagination so your hero\heroine can be anything fantastic, even part one thing and part another. Some examples in Dodo Land are the Elemental Dodo, Cooey, Giraffe Girl or Owl boy. Think of your own ideas!

She or he could help someone who is lonely and has no friends, help a family who is in trouble or help the environment. Some environmental problems could be deforestation, endangered animals, water or air pollution or ozone depletion.
Answer these questions after you have drawn your character:

What is the personality like?
Who are the family?
Does he or she have friends or foes?
What does the hero or heroine do to help?

Send your pictures to our snail mail address and we will select a few to post.

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