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Julie has written more than 20 books for young people.

BLOWN AWAY (Red Deer College Press, 1995, illustrated by Kathryn Naylor)
One night in Autumn, the wind picks up -- and takes three children on a fantastical moonlit adventure. Their discovery of "the windfall of the lost and blown away" leads to even more surprises.

FIRES BURNING (Young Adult novel published by Stoddart, l995 and by Little, Brown in the U.S. in 1996 under the title DANGER GAME)
Set on Vancouver Island, three teens play a "danger game" of their own making and are caught in a web of secrets -- secrets no one should have to keep.

WHITE JADE TIGER (Beach Holme, 1993)
This exciting time travel takes Jasmine through a doorway in Victoria's Chinatown and deep into the Fraser Canyon during the building of the C.P.R. With Keung, a boy from China, she becomes involved in a search for a mythical white jade tiger.
*Winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize,1994
*Short-listed for the Canadian Library Assoc. Book of the Year Award, 1994
*CLA Fiction Notable, 1994
*Short-listed for the 1995 Ontario Silver Birch Awards

KATE'S CASTLE (Oxford University Press, 1992; Stoddart, 1994, illustrated by Frances Tyrrell)
As she builds her sandcastle on the beach, Kate builds another castle in her imagination. At the same time, she discovers a multitude of fascinating West Coast sea creatures and "treasurely finds," from moonsnails and agates to sea urchin spines.

THE DRAGON'S PEARL (Oxford University Press, l992; Stoddart, 1994, illustrated by Paul Morin)
When a hard-working peasant boy discovers a magic pearl, his life is changed forever. Loosely based on a Chinese folktale, this story is rich in the mythology surrounding the rain-bringing dragons.
*Winner of the U.S. NAPPA Award (Parenting Publications Award) for the best children's book in the Folklore Category
*Winner of the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award for illustrations
*Short-listed for the Ruth Schwartz Award and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award
*Canadian Children's Book Centre - Our Choice

A MORNING TO POLISH AND KEEP (Red Deer College Press, 1992, illustrated by Sheena Lott)
Set on Vancouver Island, this true-to-life family adventure describes what happens when Amy goes fishing and loses her first big catch. By the end of the day, Amy has a real fish story to tell.
*Canadian Children's Book Centre -- Our Choice

MY GRANDFATHER LOVED THE STARS (Beach Holme, 1992, illustrated by Judy McLaren)
Karen receives many gifts from her grandfather, including a love of nature, an appreciation of myth, and the ability to cope with loss. Set on Vancouver Island during the four seasons.
*Canadian Children's Book Centre -- Our Choice

THE SAND SIFTER ( Beach Holme, 1990)
Two West Coast children meet a mysterious old man who gathers sand from all over the world and sifts it into stories. Interwoven in the story are the sand sifter's tales, loosely based on Pacific Rim folklore.
*Canadian Children's Book Centre -- Our Choice

TOO MANY SUNS -- Stoddart, Spring 1996

THE CRY OF THE COUGAR - juvenile novel, Orca, Spring 1996

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GO NEAR THAT CANOE! - Scholastic, Spring 1996



EMMA AND THE SILK TRAIN - Kids Can Press, Fall 1999



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