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Get to Know Julie Lawson

When I was a kid, summer was the best time. We'd pack everything into the car and head for the family cabin on the Sooke Basin. Mom, Dad, my brother, two canaries, two cocker spaniels and me. One summer there were eight puppies as well. We spent the time fishing, catching crabs, digging for clams, rowing, swimming, exploring the islands in the Basin, building tree forts, picking huckleberries, roasting marshmallows over beach fires, searching for arrowheads (I finally found one last summer, when I wasn't even looking.) There were no other kids to play with, so I often created stories in my mind and acted them out. There was no TV, so at night, or on rainy days, my whole family would sit by the fire and read.

The rest of the year I was in Victoria, going to school, acting in plays and taking piano lessons. One Christmas, my grandfather gave my family a typewriter. I typed my first stories on that Royal typewriter in red ink on yellow typewriting paper.

Now I use a word processor. I write in an airy, upstairs room with big windows and gables, and when I'm sitting at my computer I can look out and see nothing but forest. It's like writing in a tree fort!

When I was a kid I had a dream that one day I'd grow up and become an author. And my dream came true. First I became a teacher, and taught for many years on Vancouver Island. Now I'm on a leave-of-absence, working as a full-time author. Being an author is hard work, but it's so rewarding I can't think of anything else I'd rather be. It's kind of like being in a play, only you get to act out all the parts. Not only that, you can decide on the setting and costumes and all the special effects.

In my spare time I like to hike in the East Sooke Park, row in the Sooke Basin, spend time with my friends, and curl up with a good book. I love travelling too -- especially time travel. Maybe that's the reason I enjoyed writing White Jade Tiger.

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