Get to know Desiree Burford

Desiree Burford

Desiree was born and raised in the prairies of Canada. She remembers riding her pony and looking at the northern lights. She loves to paint flowers and colorful abstracts.

She has painted in Edmonton, Costa Rica, Hawaii and been inpired by travels to Europe and Thailand. She has been doing painting since the l950's in all medium starting in oils and progressing through acrylics and to watercolors and inks. She and loves to let her mind wander to imaginary lanscapes of her mind. Desiree studied with Shadbolt, Tonacouer and Leroy Stephanson.She still feels her inspiraton is within herself and always has lots of ideas. Ideas are all around. .

The paintings always evolve and develop ,sometimes they take a few hours, sometimes a few days and sometimes a few years. She has shown her paintings in solo and group shows. She is a life member ofthe Alberta Society of Artists.

In the 1970's Desiree wrote and produced 62 1/2 hour shows on antiques for CFRN in Edmonton. Desiree and her husband had the Fireside Antique store and explored Canada and United States for fine antiques to put in their store. She had a large collection of vintage clothing and put on fashion show called "One Hundred Years of Fashion" - from 1886-1986. This included Worth and many other fine cotoure dresses plus all the accessories from the various periods.

Her paintings have been loved by many. She has donated many to the Cross Cancer Clinic. She feels many illnesses can be overcome by a good mental attitude. She is a great living example of this philosophy.When she paints with colors she feels better. Her strong determination and stamina is an inpiration for many people.

Her advice for the children is to find out what you like and look at it carefully. There are so many forms or art and periods, from the old masters to modern art. Look at the colors and shapes and find your own inspiration.


Created: 04/02/96 Updated: 1/21/98