Diane Swanson

When I was growing up in Lethbridge, Alberta, my small terrier, Sammy, was my ever-present pal. On sunny summer days, we'd walk to the lake or poke around the yard, looking for ladybugs and spiders. On rainy days, Sammy would lie by the piano while I made up a song that supposedly would open the door to some"secret passage." But if we were outside when a storm broke, we'd take cover in the garage and send messages along the clothesline to the house: "WE'RE STRANDED! SEND COOKIES!"

Now that I'm an author and living in Victoria, B.C., I'm not really much different...except that I walk to the sea instead of the lake. I still like spending time with my dog, exploring the outdoors and playing the piano. And I write about some of the things that have always fascinated me...like ladybugs. In fact, my first article for Ranger Rick nature magazine was about ladybugs.I also wrote a ladybug chapter for my first book, Toothy Tongue and One Long Foot. That whole book was about neat things in my backyard.

When I get excited about something, I want to learn everything I can about it. Sometimes I have so much fun digging up information that it's hard to stop and get around to the business of writing. But when I do, I enjoy that part, too; it's fun to share what I discover by putting it into books.

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