Get to know Sonja Dunn

Sonja is a drama consultant, storyteller, author/performer, actor , television producer, drama specialist and former teacher. She has her own brand of children's literature, a mix of traditional fairytale- with a difference- rythms, rhymes, chanting, and poetry with fun. Known for her storyskirt, story hat and puppets, she storytells in her own style.

She was just five when her mother passed away. So it was her father who would shape her interests and point her to a career in music and education.

Sonja wrote, produced and hosted her own TV show , "Sonja Dunn and company". She writes hosts and produced, "Books Alive with Sonja Dunn." "Lifestyles' amd "Sonja Story Tree" for Cable 10 Etobicoke TV .She likes to travel and do a variety of workshops internationally. One of her recent trips was to the Ukraine where she appeared at a Canadian children's book festival. She has an innovative and creative way of bringing words to life.

Her first book "Butterscotch Dreams" featured 70 chants and her second "Crackers and Crumbs" has 80 poems. Sonja has retold fairytales as raps in Rapunzel's Rap and Beauty and the Beast Rap".

Published Works

All Together Now; 200 of Sonja Dunn's best chants, Pembroke Publishers, 1999
Uncivilizing, Insomniac Press, 1997
Keeping Fit: Let Me Read Series, Ontario, Addison Wesley Longman Ltd., 1994
Gimmie a Break, Rattlesnake, Stoddart Publishing Co., 1994; illus. Mark Thurman
Primary Rhymery, Pembroke Publishers Limited, 1993; illus. Mark Thurman
Beauty and the Beast Rapo, Moonstone Press, 1993; illus. Susan Darrach
Rapunzel's Rap, Moonstone Press, 1992; illus. Andrea Wayne von Konigslow
Crackers and Crumbs, Pembroke Publishers Limited, 1990
Butterscotch Dreams, Pembroke Publishers limited, 1987

Recorded Works
Sonja Dunn on Tape, Pembroke Publishers Limited, 1994; audio cassette
Chanting with Sonja Dunn, Pembroke Publishers Limited, 1993; videotape
Awards Sister Maris Stella Award, Northern Ontario Council of Teachers of English, 1989
Arts Award, Sudbury Arts Festival Association, 1978
Drama Scholarship Award, Banff School of Fine Arts, 1969

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