Musical Land - Monica Hwangx

Once upon a time in a musical land far far away there lived a lullaby pig, who had a pig's head, dog's body and unicorn's horn. It was useful to mothers that couldn't get their children to sleep because the lullaby pig had a power to put people to sleep. What adventure could Lullaby pig go on today?

"Lullaby pig went on his adventure to the rainforest. He met lots of different animals, Winged the Pig, Blue gloppeled soppled Dinosaur and the Fire breathing Dragon. All these animals have kids. They were very energetic and never wanted to go to bed. One night Lullaby Pig went to the Dinosaurs house for a party, and the kids wouldn't go to bed when they were told. Lullaby sang a lullaby, the kids went to sleep and the party for the grown ups went on. But the kids had fun dreaming, what could there dreams be?"

Liberty , Age 10,
Willows School, Victoria

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Created: 22/01/96 Updated: 1/20/98