What happens next "Interactive Stories".

These three beginnings come from books done by students when they were at St. Ambrose, in Toronto, Ontario. How would you finish the stories? Remember, the solutions we are looking for are creative, peaceful, and non-violent solutions.

Send some ideas and we will select a few.

The Polka-Dot Problem - Jenny (Age 12 when done)

One beautiful sunny day the Colorful Creature C.C. stopped in front of the Polka-Dot House. The Polka-dots were missing. C.C was angry. Where could they have gone?

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Musical Land - Monica

Once upon a time in a musical land far far away there lived a lullaby pig, who had a pig's head, dog's body and unicorn's horn. It was useful to mothers that couldn't get their children to sleep because the lullaby pig had a power to put people to sleep. What adventure could Lullaby pig go on today?

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The Pollution of Peaceful Palace - Katherine

Peaceful Palace is an under-water city where everything is usually clean and beautiful but lately they had to put a dome over the city. The water smelled funny and a lot of creatures who lived in the land got very sad. One mermaid named Corinia knew exactly what was happening and told her friends the Octopus and Simore the Seahorse. What is happening and what can be done to help?

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