John Cooper

John is an emotional colorist of Nelson, B.C. His impressionistic paintings are therapeutic and joyous: inspired by natural forms around us. The use of bold colors and expressive movement are a clear reflection of his lively, inquisitive spirit.

For four decades John has researched the renaissance and modern masters to develop his personal artistic style. This has included formal studies as a Painting major at Phillips University and the University of Washington. He completed his MFA in 1965 under the supervision of Professor Spencer A. Moseley ( a student of Ferdinand Leger).

John has had 25 years of exhibitions throughout North America. He says " I am painting directly from nature, inside and outside the studio. I focus on the energy, the feeling, and the experience of the subject." John has taught course of self study, self discovery and realization. Course options have been as diverse as Landscape, Color, Figure Painting and Drawing, and Collage. He also says, " Potentially when you paint, you record your courage and your fear, your understanding and your lack of understanding, you express who you are and begin to realize your becoming. Energy is an investment. Energy is what making art is about. I want to teach art that goes beyond technique and into the magic. We human are caged spirits from deep in time."

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