Prevent Extreme Climate Changes
Protect the Butterlies.

The butteflies come to the same place in Mexico each year. It is a mystery how the young butterflies know when to leave and where to come. We found when we climbed up the steep hill to one of the spots where they congregate, it was cool. Butterflies require a certain range of temperature in their winter home. We were told many had frozen and died this winter as it was colder then usual. We actually saw snow on the mountains nearby. If global warming continues and the temperature are colder than usual this will effect the butterflies. Cutting down car emissions and carbon in the air will help the future butterflies.

In these pictures what appears to be leaves are in fact tens of thousands of butterflies.

The butterlies travel south to avoid the cold. We saw millions at the sanctuary in Mexico. When spring arrives, which is March in Mexico, the Monarchs begin their sping trip, stopping along the way to lay eggs and die. Their offspring continue on & at last, in late spring, arrive in Canada.

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