Monarch Butterfly Reserve

in Michocoan, Mexico

An example of International Agreements helping the Environment and the Monarch Butterflys.

January 1998:
Mexico and Canada have signed an agreement desinating 1.2 million dollars from each country towards Mexico's three "Model Forests" during the next three years.

The forests are located in Campecehe, Chihuahua, Michoacan and the State of Mexico. They total more than a million hectares of tree covered land in Mexico.

The term "Model Forest" refers to forests that have various functions, but are managed with an empasis on sustainable development and protection of the ecosystems that exist with them.

The newly named Monarch Butterfly Model Forest in Michoacan and the State of Mexico is an example of an area that requires social and economic development and a system which preserves natural resources.

"In demanding environmental conservation in the (Monarch wintering) region, the problems of extreme poverty of the people and growing demographics also have to be considered" so said a top official of the Environment Secretariat (Semarnam). Because of this the Secretariat is looking to implement plans for sustainable development that integrate resource conservation while paying attention to social problems, according to another official. The project embraces activities like farming, market-garden greenhouses, fish framing, eco-tourism and local handicrafts.

This area is the wintering home of millions of Monarch butterflys that migrate from Canada in the summer all the way to mid Mexico for the winter. (Boy are they smart)

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