Distraction Number 1

Sabine was born in 1968 in Bayreuth, Germany.
Her first attempts with colours were when she was five years old and used to paint her budgie with felt pens poor old bird! She started to paint more properly when she was 16 years old. After leaving school, Sabine tried to apply to study Art, but was rejected, they said she had no talent!

So she went on to study architecture in Darmstadt, Germany, instead. She really enjoyed these five years, because whilst studying a lot of technical subjects she had the chance to develop her painting and drawing skills as part of her studies. Her favourite project was 'No Time For Oppenheim!', an urban design project where she planned a town without time.

During the summers, she used to go to Brittany in France to art excursions together with a lot of friends. They did everything from photography, sculpture, video, painting etc. Sabine then moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in England to finish her architecture degree there. As part of her degree, she wrote an essay on the colour Orange, the colour of change. After her studies, she decided to go travelling in Asia for a year and visited countries that considered the colour orange to be symbolic e.g. Vietnam, India.

SabineIn 1995, Sabine returned to England, became resident in Birmingham and trained in video production because she dreamed of being a filmmaker. Together with two fellow artists Nigel Amson and Claude Chambers, who share her fascination with 'time', she founded the community-based Art and Multi-Media Company 'It's About Time Productions' (IAT).

Amongst other things, they run participatory video and multi-media projects with children. 'Participatory' means that they give a group of children a camera, show them how to use it and then help them to tell their own stories and make their own film, e.g. about their area, environmental problems etc. IAT use a participatory approach with everything they do. They produced a CD-ROM called 'time-base' with schoolchildren about local history. The children were involved in making animations, videos, drawings and much more and designed their own pages on the CD-ROM. Sabine has made her dream come true and now regularly directs videos. However, she regrets that she has so little time left for doing painting, because she enjoys it a lot. She is also a teacher for Life Drawing and Video Production at schools, colleges and universities.

Painting Shows:

Roundhouse Gallery, Birmingham, UK (group show, 1999)
British American Tobacco Casino Gallery, Germany (solo show, 1999)
Museum and Art Gallery, Doncaster, UK (group show, 2000).

If you would like to contact "Its About Time" about their multi-media projects for children that are done with with Sabine, Nigel Amson and Claude Chambers send us a message to and we will pass it on to Sabine.

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