Art Start in the Schools

Della is planning a ArtSmarts Project in the schools for April of 2003. Art Start has funding to help BC School districts and Federation of Independant School Association schools to susidize professional artists/writers fees.


Della is planning a ArtSmarts project with the students at Immaculate Conception school in Vancouver.
Della will work with kindergarden and Grade 7 students. Rowena Taylor is coordinating the project.This project “Love and Protect the Earth” will use Imagination to help the environment.
Loving the Endangered Animals, Trees, Water & Air Creatures and learning to protect them will be explored in creative ways. The students will create "Wish for the Earth" and "Endangered Animal" Big Books, a "Love the Earth Mural" and "Nature Prince and Princess" Masks/Puppets.

How can I help the Earth?

With Love wind we will love the Earth!

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