Michael Patrick Golland

Michael Patrick Golland was born in Yorkshire, England and spent his childhood travelling the ancient moorlands. He walked along the paths used over the centuries by the Ancient Britions who built sacred sites to the Sun & Moon Gods. He was fascinated by the patterns created by the ancient monuments and sites such as Stonehenge, and Carnac. Originally he graduated from Engineering in Sheffield according to his father's wishes. Using his training he created many designs of modern art jewellery and worked as Design Director for several international Companies. After successes in these fields he decided to follow his heart and create his own paintings and sculptures. Along the the way he travelled to many countries visiting Ancient Monuments where he refelt his heritage and spirit. In Mexico he went to cast a bronze series of sculpture and visited Teotihuacan and Mount St. Alban and Oahaxca. On his return he started a new series of painting using the purity of the square based on the principal of the epicenter. This is surrounded by fields of color in answer to the energies he found at these sacred sites. Each individual piece reflects its meditational use.

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