Come help children in another part of the world!

Congratulations to Janice Klassen and Richard Grohmann who took time off teaching in Vancouver to go to Peru and help with a grassroots organization called "Ayni" aimed at educating and aiding children, teens and adults with little financial means. They had little idea of what to expect but wanted to offer skills, and try to make the world a more loving place. Friend and family helped raise money and supplies to take with them. Magical Earth & Guide were donations. They helped work in a public school in a disadvantaged area teaching English and Arts and Crafts. The excitement of the kids to learn filled their hearts.

Peruvian Students with Janice and Rich

The School Project

With the help of their family and friends donations, at the school they started a library with the aim of developing educational resources for the children , promoting reading and encouraging an awareness of the world outside their community. The library consisted of various storybooks, educational books, puzzles an teacher resources, as well as a bookcase. They are still looking for Spanish books - do you have some???.
The children had been trying to learn English from one textbook, so Kristina Johnston from Canada sent ESL books for the 'Manitos Street Youth Project' which is a project to help underprivileged youth learn trade skills.

Starting a Library

Helping Hands/Helping Feet

They helped at an orphanage which had 27 physically/and/or mentally handicapped children that had been abandoned by their families - (mostly due to economic problems). The looked forward to the days they were going to the orphanage.

Help at the Orphanage

At the orphanage they provided special shoes for 4 children to walk, and an operation for a 2 1/2 year old boy who was born with a deformity that prevented him to walk. With this operation he will obain the use of his foot and walk.

Lexon will walk

Hiking up Mountians/Eyes and Minds Opened

They had some time before they had started working at the school and orphanage to hike up a Peruvian mountain for a breathtaking views.

On top of the World

They were able to go along the Incan trail to Machu Piccu and between the fog got this glimpse of the ancient world. During this part of their travels in Peru they learned about the ancient civilization of the Incas.

Later at the work project they heard many stories of sorrow and poverty, but their eyes and minds were opened in getting to know a community and its people. The beautiful faces of the children smiling, laughing and giving kisses everyday and showing their excitement to learn, was one of the most happy moments they had ever experienced and ones they will never forget about this travel/work adventure.

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