Animation and Interactive Gallery

Animation Gallery :Create animations from images from the Dodoland and Magical Earth stories for the gallery!
This month we are featuring some that have been done recently by Alexander Stump from Germany. We would like to share them with you. We will be choosing winners from the animations sent to us to put in the gallery. If you are doing animation - particularly flash as the images should be 20 k or smaller, please get in touch with us, and we will send you an image from the story to work with- maybe you have one in mind that you want to work with, if so please let us know .Contact Della or Dale at

This is a 'have fun' project. Good luck.

Alex Stump's animations include:

Cooey Heart
Della travels to the Full Moon
Elemental Dodo Hop

Interactive Gallery:

Globetree- a non-profit Foundation in Sweden held a Future Vessel event where Dodoland sent some children's art to the Virtual Future Vessel and the Earthchild Environment Foundation collected water from Canada for the Uniting Water Ceremony. See the Virtual Future Vessel they have created and have some fun in sending your message to them to be shared with others in the world.

Robert Engel's Animations

We have had a really creative animation done by Robert Engel from Europe. Try it out ! Click on the word Animation. You can draw colors around the Rainbow Dolphin in the Island of Eyes. Instead of erasing go out and come back in again and you can try it a second time with new colors. A brilliant idea Robert! Thanks from Della and Dale.

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