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Dodoland Adventures

Della Burford

Miracle Galaxy

Della Burford

Videos documenting projects!


See the "Della Bird Helmet" videos showing the development of various projects combining storytelling, photos, video, and music.

It is Dodoland in Cyberspace's twenty fifth birthday this year and also the forty two years since the publications of the "Journey to Dodoland"book in Los Angles - we are making plans for celebrations!

Videos on Vimeo and Youtube:

Della speaking in Moscow

Della's "Miracle Galaxy" story in Japan - video by Seung Yong Kim/ Costumes Ruu Ruu

Dream Meeting in Mexico ( with Della, Kazuko, Ruu Ruu and Dale

Art Starts with Love of Imagination, Dreams and Nature

Della Burford at Art Show in Ottawa - "Art for Imagination"

Visionary Alchemy Show New York

"One of the first trips to Bali by Della and Dale

Second trip to Bali by Della and Dale

Bali feeds the Soul Poem Della Burford Photos Fabrizio Belardetti

Bali Feeds our Dreams

Magical Earth Secrets - The Dream is Alive in Japan

Spirit of Writing and Art Bali

Ernst Fuchs Chapel Klagenfurt

Follow your Dream - Mexicaltitlan - Image Show by Della Burford

Make an Angel for Japan

Inspire a Miracle

Korean Eco Picture Books

Author Party Today

Kid's Book Bash

Author interview- Della Burford

White Lotuses-Children Smiling

Bird Men of Papantla

Edward James Garden - Surreal Art

Foco Tonal

David Melville - A Giant of a Man

Dolphins in Departure Bay

Interview with Joan of Angels

First Days in Vancouver




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