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The Magical Earth Secrets

The story of an Eagle Child who loses its power and colour because of pollution. The secrets it learns to get its strength back, empowers the children with the knowledge that they can do something to make a difference. Love, care, and respect for the earth, water and air are emphasized in this story. Hard cover, full colour. 32 pages of 50% post consumer recycled paper.

Environmental Activity Guide

The companion book to The Magical Earth Secrets has environmental information and 50 activity cards in art, creative writing, drama, music, and creative movement. It has separate chapters on endangered animals and trees, water, air, protecting the ozone layer, and energy conservation. Looking at the beauty of the cycles of nature and expressing creative feelings about the environment are emphasized.


Journey to Dodo Land (Bird Helmet Productions, Los Angeles, 1977) (Giant Flower Island- Dale Bertrand) Printer Institute of America Award 1977

Magical Earth Secrets (Western Canada Wilderness Committee, l991) (1-800-661-9453) Co- illustrated by Dale Bertrand (Best Seller)
ISBN 1-895123-02-X

Untitled (Queens University) l991- poems - collaboration with other writers

Environmental Activity Guide ( Azatlan Publisher, Toronto, 1992) Co-writer of activity cards - Dale Bertrand
ISBN 0-9695611-0-5
Dodo Land in Cyberspace (Azatlan Educational Developers, 1995), Electronic magazine, co-designed with Dale

The Out of the Ordinary, Extraordinary Friends (Tell Tale Puppets, 1995)

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