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When growing up I lived in Ottawa, on a farm in Saskatchewan and in Edmonton. At eighteen, my twin sister and I travelled to New York to study Interior Design. Our classroom was the Metropolitan and Frick Museum. Dale, my husband, and I spent over a year travelling in Europe and we explored museums and art galleries. Before I had left, Canada I got my Bachelor of Science in Textiles, so this made exploring architecture and art in Europe even more interesting.

When I got back to Canada I worked as a Designer and taught Design at Humber College in Toronto. After teaching I would go to my studio,and paint "Dodo Land". When these paintings were shown in a gallery on Markham St. in Toronto,everyone commented that they thought this would be a great story for children. When I told the story to a class of seven year old children, I knew it was true. It was after this experience I decided to pursue getting my Bachelor of Education and teach children as well as adults creative writing, design and art, often including storytelling. I was chosen as one of twelve artists in the Artist in the Community part of the Queen University Education degree. After receiving my degreeI had the chance to lead many workshops for teachers on Building Self Confidence, teaching Global themes,the Environment and teaching in an integrated and creative way.

The "Journey to Dodo Land" and "The Magical Earth Secrets" were an designer's dream as I was able to help design the books. Dodo Land became a play in New York and was performed for seven years, in which, I helped in writing, direction, and design. The most exciting performances for me were at the Museum of Natural History, the Discovery Theatre at the Smithsonian Institute, in Guatemala for teachers of the physically challenged, and to children in East Harlem schools. "Imaginations Unlimited" had over 100,000 children come to their performances and visit Dodo Land. Now Dodo Land is on the internet as Dodo Land in Cyberspace and it has had 1 million visitors visit 10 million pages in ten years.. The story of "The Magical Earth Secrets" was performed as a play in New York before it was a book. Swedish children performed the story at the "Globetree Conference" at the concert hall in Stockholm. It was also a puppet dance show at the Centennial Library in Edmonton with Maria Formolo Dance. Some of my favourite storyteling performance was the one at the World Festival of Island Cultures in Korea, the Sea Salish Day at the Children's Festival in Vancouver Celebrity Storytelling at the Festival of Children hosted by the South Coast Plaza in Newport Beach California . I recently did a workshop in Holland on "Creating your own Healing Stories."

I have done storytelling, and shared my art and design throughout North America, Mexico, England and Holland and am open to working in new and different ways. . I enjoy teaching writing, art,storytelling and design. I am presently teaching courses in Art and Storytelling.My students inspire me . I also do my own design work from our home/studio in Vancouver in Canada overlooking the ocean. It is inspirational and a great place to write, paint and create. To find out more about my "Author Visits" click here.

Della Burford

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