Dragonfire: A Karleen Bradford Novel

Dragonfire cover
Cover illustration by Martin Springett
  • Shortlisted for the 2001 Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award
  • Shortlisted for the Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award 2000
  • Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice 1998/99
  • One of the Best Books of 1999, Resource Links Magazine
We meet him as a nameless stable boy. His only friend is Catryn, the servant girl, and even she doesn't know who he truly is. He is Dahl, the King of Taun, a once-beautiful land now on the brink of destruction. Hidden on earth since his birth, Dahl knows that the Usurper has stolen his rightful place on the throne of Taun and that he must someday rescue his homeland. But when the time comes, Dahl is plagued by doubt: "Can he do it? Does he have the courage to fight the Usurper? And what about Catryn who, despite his warnings, has slipped through time and space to be with him?

This is a fantasy about good and evil, but with a twist.

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., 1997.
ISBN 0-00-648065-9