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Have an Author/Artist Visit-
Della Burford - Artist in Residence

"Listen to the birds and you will go to Dodoland"

Canadian award winning, best seller author/artist Della Burford can perform a storytelling program with story and art" "Adventures in Dodo Land"" (Dodoland) / ""Magical Earth Secrets"" or ""Miracle Galaxy"" " "Journey to a Lotus" or "Dream Wheels" A specially designed Artist/Writer in Residence program can be designed for you. Della's stories has been storytold in hundred of events and there have been many theatrical performances of her stories. Workshops have been done in Canada, New York City, Italy, Sweden, Korea, Gautemala, England, Holland and Bali. .

Multi-media Storytellings can be done with story and images from her books "Dodo Land" (Dodoland) / "Magical Earth Secrets" or "Miracle Galaxy" "Journey to a Lotus" or "Dream Wheels".

"Dodo Land"is about travelling in the Magic Bird Helmet to the Giant Flowers Island, Island of Eyes, Dragon Ship, Night Bubble and Singing Tree. Becoming your dream of "whatever you want to be" is emphasized. "Magical Earth Secrets" is the story of the Eagle Child who lost its power because of pollution and the secrets it learns to get its power back. Children are empowered with the knowledge that they can do something to make a difference. Love, care and respect for the earth is encouraged.
"Miracle Galaxy" has the angel storytellers who share what is needed to overcome crisis and heal oneself. "Journey to the Lotus" was painted and written in India and is a good start up to Travel stories and writing. "Dream Wheels" documents how Della has created from here dreams and encourages others to do the same.

  • Workshops in Art, Design and Creative Writing . Della often acts as a catalyst and inspiration . She loves opportunities to show/share her art and enjoys encouraging creativity .

  • Storytelling and workshop followup. Choose a story and do follow up activity. Magical Earth Secrets encourages loving and taking care of our earth. "Dodoland Adventures" can be told and then a "being creative follow- your dreams" activities or "Miracle Galaxy" storytold and Make an Angel art or stories.

  • Individual Picture Books - development of Hero-Heroines, Storytellers, Imaginary Lands, Adventure Lands, Healing Places and Peaceful Solution Stories. Workshop includes Story development, Paintings , and Covers. Have participated in many Young Author events - authoring can be done at all ages.

  • Art Fun - Ocean Painting, Imaginary Maps/ Characters, Dreams or Environmental Posters

  • Theme Murals Four Winds/Four Directions or Love the Earth Murals - on any chosen story - Fairytales, Folk Tales, Magical Earth, Dodoland, Miracle Galaxy, Dreams. Paint on paper, collage or Fabric Applique techniques.

  • Creative Sets/Costumes for Plays can be developed around Dodoland/Magical Earth Secrets or Miracle Galaxy.I can act as a consultant on this project.

  • Teacher's workshops can include storytellings, images of examples of work done on projects from the "Environmental Activity Guide"- including emphasize of integration of art, writing, drama, movement,music, I.T., and science to teach the environment.

  • Internet show-and-tell Many workshops can include sharing a selection of the work done in the workshop in feature articles in the "Dodoland in Cyberspace" E-zine - www.dodoland.com .

  • Keynote speaking can be arranged if well in advance of engagement. If you are creating an Event call me and we can brainstorm ideas. Some topics may be: Making a Difference - Being creative in adversity - Stories and Art to heal - From Dreams to Reality

    Please contact the author in advance thru azatlan@ yahoo.com

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"Journey to Dodoland" Copyright and TM 1977. Della Burford, Dodoland in Cyberspace 1995-2019 Della Burford and Dale Bertrand.