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Create your won Mythical Imaginary Character

Della's student - Vancouver

Seahorse-Bird by Fabiola

Once upon a time there was a little, sweet and cute Sea Bird who lived in the Bubble World and world of peace and love and colorful bubbles. Sea Bird was half sea horse and half bird and he was the guardian of the ocean's peace and sometimes he left his kindgom to inspect the rest of the ocean.

One day he went futher fro mthe Bubble World and when he came back the Bubbles were all gone and the surface of the sea was rough. Thanks to his wings he flew on the sea to look for his bubbles. The bubbles were about to evaporate and he was so curious he stopped to watch-- and the rainbow formed. The fish, birds and every animal was so surprised by the beauty of the rainbow, but Sea Bird had to take back the bubbles because he had to control the peace in the ocean .The clouds started to cry because they missed the rainbow . The Sea Bird decided that every time the cloud cried because they miss the rainbow the bubbles would be given back to make them happy. And so that is why there is both bubbles and rainbows.


Story and drawing by Fabiola in the Storytelling program with Della .

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