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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's student work - Vancouver

Honey Bear by Miwa

Honey Bear

I treasure my bear doll. I always carry him around. I call him Honey Bear.
One day I came home. Suddenly my Bear Doll moved and said to me, " Hi Miwa". I am very surprised. It is incredible that he spoke to me.
So Honey Bear said, " Can you go out with me." I did not understand what happened so he gave me a hand and said, "Come on".
All at once I grew wings from my back, so honey bear had a lot of balloons. He and I floated, and were led by a fantastic window.We went out and I saw a city with pink all around it. That scenery was beautiful--- so beautiful. So we spend a very good time there. I talked to him about everything. We ate marvel fruit, which is delicious. Time flashed by.
Finally Honey Bear said, "Thank you Miwa, I had a good time!"
In the future we will be good friends… See you later!"
I woke up. I spoke to Honey Bear, but he didn't move or speak. I thought . " Is this a dream?" but he said"We are good friends" and I felt my Honey Bear smiled.


Story and drawing by Miwa in the Storytelling program with Della .

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