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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Colorful Snail by Young Rong

Colorful Snail

A long, long time ago Colorful Snail lived. His shell is very, very beautiful, red, yellow, green and blue. He doesn't know his age . His nickname is "Laggard" Every other animal doesn't like him because they envy his snail shell. Colorful Snail does not know why they don't like him. He likes his neighbors.
Every day early in the morning Colorful Snail cleans the streets. He is very slow but he likes his work and thinks it is important. Everyone does not know how the streets get clean.
One day Baby Deer fell ill. The family and neighbors were sad. They knew if they sought a magic grape Baby Deer could be cured. Every animal loved the Baby Deer and wanted him to be cured but they did not know where the Magic Grape was.
The animal village is gloomy, so at this time Colorful Snail seeks the magic grape. For three days he walked slowly deep on the forest path. He does not sleep or eat as he seeks Baby Deers' cure.
At last he finds the Magic Grape Tree, but he is very sad because the Magic Grape is very high. So he prayed, " I want to reach Baby Deers cure, please."
Surprisingly he got a tail, which made it possible for him to float. He is very happy, as he is able to float up and get the Magic Grape.
He came back home and gave the Magic Grape to the Baby Deer. Baby Deer was cured. All the animals were grateful. They wanted to find out more about Colorful Snail. All the animals found out when he left home he was going to clean the streets because they were dirty. They didn't envy him any longer but loved him. Maybe nowadays he has even more colors on his shell. If you do something good one day you will meet Colorful Snail.

Story and drawing by Yong Rong in the Storytelling program with Della .

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