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Della's students work - Vancouver

Purple Horned Unicorn by Ivy

Purple Horned Unicorn versus the Dragon

Once upon a time, in the solar system, there was a creature named Purple horn Unicorn who lived on Jupiter. He was arrogant and a conceited unicorn. He depended on his powerful energy and he wanted to rule the Sun and rearrange the Solar System. He also planned to destroy the moon that would make the world have nights so it would always be daylight.
When the Fairy who lived on the Moon heard about this bad news, she was worried about that. She asked the dragon who lived in the North Seas to protect the safety of the moon. The dragon agreed with her, because they all were very angry about the unicorn. If he rearranged the Solar System, he would destroy the whole world.
So the dragon asked his neighbor Yi, who lived in Taiwan Island, to go and fight with the unicorn. Although the dragon had power on earth, his power was of no use in the universe. He only had a treasure "Yin and Yang peal" Unfortunately the dragon did not know how to use this treasure.
The dragon and unicorn met each other on Mars and began to fight. Actually, the dragon's power couldn't compete with the unicorn and besides Yi was just a little boy. The Unicorn looked down and them and became more and more arrogant. Finally he wanted to kill these poor guys.
Yi threw the "Yin and Yang pearl" at the unicorn. At this time the unicorn fell into the pearl. Actually it was a magical pearl that combined Yin and Yang, in other words, daylight and night were combined and this world was filled with relative truth. Whether we had daylight or night, were happy or sad, had the best or worst, new or old nature is till in balance and there is peace. This is the powerful Yin and Yang.
When the unicorn fell into the pearl, he understood this wisdom and other important wisdom in the world. He changed his arrogant attitude completely. He became a kind and humble unicorn and he began to respect and appreciate nature and the universe.
Eventually, the dragon and unicorn became the best friends and often Yi was riding the dragon to visit the Fairy on the Moon and the unicorn on Jupiter.

Story and drawing by Ivy the Storytelling program with Della

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