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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Akiro by Juan Philip

Akiro Story by Philip and Fabiola

Akiro was a man, but he was a different man. Somebody asked, "Why are you different?" He was very unlucky…. so he didn't have a girlfriend, or work and money!"
One day he decided to go around the world on foot to find his luck.
During the trip he met a lot of people and he asked them for money , but they answered, " No if you want money, go to work!" He was so unlucky and no one wanted to hire him.
Everytime he looked for a girl they did not want to have anything to do with him as he didn't take care of himself and he was dirty and had a beard.
So then after a few days he was so tired but he walked and walked thinking he would find luck. Suddenly there appeared an ugly and bad creature … it was the devil. The devil asked the man: " What are you finding ,poor man?
The man said," I'm finding my luck, and I don't know where I lost it."
The devil replied, " It's very easy, if you want back your luck, you need to make an agreement with me..I give you luck and you give me your soul? He thought and thought for 3 days…… should I make the agreement or not?
But something happened during this time.He met a rich girl and she fell in love with him and he thought " I am not unlucky afterall." He refused the agreement with the devil and married the rich girl and so he didn't need a job since she was rich.Akiro had never lost his luck and he thought ," Really in every man there are unlucky and lucky days."


Story and drawing by Juan Philip (Felipe)the Storytelling program with Della .

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