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Future Vessel<

Do you believe we have a future? When we arrived in England we worked with some pupils who prepared work for the Globetree Future event. 5000 participants from all over the world met at Stockholm. A future vessel was created and Agenda 21 and Child's Rights were discussed. At the first Globetree event years ago a young girl asked " Do you believe we have a future?" This year many children gave answers and discussed ideas.

Dale, Della and the Earthchild Foundation sent the art work and writing done by the students in England and also photos of water collected from Weston Lake in Canada by young people that became part of the Uniting Water Ceremony in Sweden. This work was shown on the day of the event to all the participants.

See the poems and drawings that have come from the Virtual Vessel to the Dragon Ship.

 There will be a Time by Tom Lingard

To the land of pollution
Horrible sights of waste land
End, please, end years of suffering

Oncours of cars and factories
Zones where gas is flowing into our clean air
Of course we can still help
Never give up
End, please end

Lovely sights and clean air!
After the past it is another world!
Years of hard work has paid off!
Everafting happiness
Rubbish has gone…

 Drawing by Phavan

 What I Want For the Future of Our Earth by Wendy Burns


I would like to live in a world where there is no pollution of any kind. I would like car manufacturers to invent cars that don't spit out smoke and pollute the air.Why do people just dump waste into the sea and not recycle or compost it.
Speaking of recycling, I don't think people recycle enough, and there aren't enough recycling centres. Each village, town or city should have their own recycling centre. One kind of recycling is composting.
Life would be nice if we had more trees so we might have less carbon dioxide. I also think there should be more litter bins.

Why can't people think sometime? We are so luck to even have Earth, so we should take care of it.

 Drawing by Aneeqa Zeb

 I would like it if the world had no pollution. All endangered animals would be safe. Extinct animals would come back and be safe. I would like the air to be super clean. The water would be clear blue everywhere. Even the dirtiest water would be so clean you could drink it. there would also be no oil tanks in the sea so no oil could leak. I would ban any cruelty to animals, especially bull fighting and fox hunting.

 by Alys Beider.

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