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Original Stories to tell.

Students in Della's workshop created of their own original children's stories and art . Here is Kiwi's story.. a student from Taiwan.

"Too late to become friends"!

by Kiwi

I am listening to everyone talking.
A: Today we will have a new classmate.
B. Really?
C. Yes, He is very thin and quiet.
C: Maybe his voice is bad
(All the classmates laugh HA HA HA)


A: His umbrella is very big. He looks like frog.
Everyone: HA,HA,HA
B. Maybe his voice is like a frog.
C: He is very strange and does everything alone.
D: I guess he has no friends because nobody likes him.
A: I think this is so, everyday after school he always goes to the forest alone.
B: Maybe he finds some mosquitos and eats them.
All: HA HA HA.

Today I met him after school. He took me to the forest. In the forest there is a yellow cat. He brings food to the cat everyday. He said" This is why I often don't finish my lunch."

I said " I don't know why everyone does not like him, but I think he is nice. I will talk to everybody and tell them to not misunderstand him anymore"


Tomorrow I will ask my mother to prepare two lunches. Two eggs, two apples, two bananas, two milks and two candies. One for him and one for me.


What happened?
A: Today he doesn't come to school.
B: Why??
C: He changed schools already, because his father always changed companies.
It is too late to become friends.
The end





"Never wait too long and make it too late to become friends."


"Too late to become friends" by Kiwi

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