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Della's students work - Vancouver

Dream Misun - D.M.by Cellina

Dream Misun - D.M.

D.M lived in Komilia. He always wanted to travel but his parents said to him, "You're too young to travel alone." One day he heard about a flying hat. It was hidden at Triple Mt. located in the central area of the Island. So he left home to find the hat. He passed the falling river, the Village of Dwarves, the Heart Lake and the Cave of Amethyst.

Finally he got the hat. He thought that he could go anywhere he wanted to go anythime but he didnt know how to use it. He talked to the hat, prayed to the hat and sang a song. It did not matter what he did, the hat didn't work He felt, "What is the use of having the hat."He was exhaused and fell asleep.

In a dream something happened.

"Hey D.M. How are you?"

"Oh, how do you know my name?"

"There is no answer in your mind. The answer to all the problems in the world is in each person' mind.So do you want to trave?l"

"Absolutely! How can I do that"

"Just don't lose your dream in your mind and imagine your trip. Think of how to use me, it depends on you."

After getting up from his dream. D.M thought about what was on his mind. He said, "I love my family, hometown, my country. I want to go outside and experience a new world and meet new people. It must be exciting."

Just then he thought of big balloon. The hat became bigger and bigger just like a balloon. He imagined himself travelling and flying in the sky. " He said, "Ill go to another world. How about the ancient castle of ARIANA"He started his travels. He said, "Someday I will come back here and tell my story"

On the way to Ariana he felt hungry. He had to go down so he imagined the "stair of clouds".He walked down the stairs and arrived in the forest which was dark and chilly. He tried to find a bright place. Just at that moment he heard a song. He followed the song, the sound was getting louder. Finally he found a small spring with colorful pebbles. There is nobody , but the song is still there. "Where is the song from?" he said as he looked around. "There is only a spring and pebbles.. oh what is that?"

A pebble changed color and there is the girl who sang the song inside.( She is screaming.......)"Don't touch me, help me! If you don't leave me alone I'll pick you up and throw you in the spring.

"Please calm down little girl, I will not hurt you"

"What little girl, uh! Hey I've lived for 5,000 years! Don't insult me, from now on you must call me Princess Ariana.

"Ariana, that is the same as the castle"

ok, umm.. yeah.. because that is my castle."

"Is that castle yours? It looks like is is falling down."

"I am 5000 years old and if I come back to my castle it will be alive." I was thrown by my cleaner Cal. He always wanted me because I had power and he thought if he had me he would become rich. He didn't know that if I left the castle, I would lose power. I am going to give you an order. You have to carry me to the castle..it is not a favor - we royalty do not as for favors.

They started to fly together. D.M with Ariana. She said to him, "You have a nice hat"

"Yeah is is my dream and my friend", he said.

As soon as the ancient castle of ARIANA was seen at the distance she shouted, . "Oh my goodness my beautiful castle is now in ruins.Can you see that big tree?That is my home.

D.M. landed in front of the tree. He noticed the tree had a hole the size of a pebble. He put the pebble in the hold. Suddenly the tree grew and grew and had many green leaves. The leaves were shining.

"D.M, it your name, right? I have gotten free because of your help. Thank you. I want to let you stay here.. but now I have a lot of work to do to make the castle return to what it was before and you want to travel.

"Yes, said D.M. and ths is my first destination. But it will be even better next time when I revive the castle.

"Yes I will dream of my castle of ARIANA being rebuilt and you can dream of travelling. So when you pass by here, could you please drop in and see me?"

"Is it a favor?"

"Of course- D.M"

"O.K., see you my friend"

"Good luck my friend".

D. M. was happy to make a new friend and imagined him and Arianas would meet again.

D. M was written by Cellina in the Della's Storytelling program.




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