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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Reira's Fantatic World by Reira

Reira's Fantastic World

This is not an ordinary world. There are Rainbow Bridges, Moon-Hammocks and many magical things. To get to it you a have to cross the rainbow and sleep on the moon. It's very pleasant. You can talk to the animals. If you are hungry there is lots to eat except the persons and animsl. The are Chocolate planets, Lollipop planets and other Jelly-minor plantes. The Sun is not so hot because it is made of chips and the moon is a big Sponge-cake, the rainbow is various gum and the clouds cotton candy. Whenever you are tired or sad you can refresh and feel very happy. All the flowers bloom there and do not wither. Let's go to to Riera's Fantastic World together!



Story and drawing by Reira in the Della's Storytelling program.

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