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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Treemy by Tiffany

Treemy by Tiffany

Tree world is a peaceful place. The Tree King has a kind heart. The Queen is beautiful. One day the queen became pregnant. Wow! After a few months she gave birth to an ugly baby. She has a big mouth, strange nose and dirty skin - her name is Treemy. Although Treemy has an ugly face, she has a kind heart. Actually no one like her and no one talks to her. Only one guy talked to her and his name is Bonby. Bonby is a magic tree; he knows what everyone is thinking about in his or her mind. So Bonby knows Treemy has a lonely heart. He wants to help her to make more friends.
In fact, Treemy has a wonderful voice. Bonby holds a concert for her and invites a few trees and animals. When Treemy opens her mouth to sing the audience is shocked and is quiet. "What a wonderful voice!", everybody says. On the stage Treemy opens her mind to sing, laugh and make everyone happy.
Eventually all the trees and animals want to make friends with Treemy. She thanks Bonby. Because of Bonby she can be happy and never alone again.

Story and drawing by Tiffany in the Della's Storytelling program .

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