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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Anywhere One Jump by Betty

Anywhere One Jump by Betty

There was a frog named Frogshy who lived ina large and huge city. She had only one family member which was her mother,but she is weak and losing her health. They need medecine to treat Silar. Frogshy is in agony about trying to find a job. She wonders what her best talent is. She said to her mum, "What is my best talent?"

Mum said, "Sweety, you are the best in everything!"

Frogshy said, " I know mum, but I need a job. I want money."

Silar said, " I am sure you will do well as you have strong legs so you can make the longest jump in the world.

"Good! It's right, I wanna be a mail delivery girl - wherever I go I will go in one jump!"

She started to delivery the mail. she is very diligent and every citizen like her. She is very quick, correct and kind. Her mother is taking her medecine too. They had a huge house and a servant is taking care of Sitar. Fogshy is working everyday so therefore she can't see her.

Sitar felt sorrow but Forgshy doesn't know Silar's feelings. Forgshy thought there is no problem and everything is going well.

One day Forgshy is ready to go to work. That time Silar comes to Forgshy's room and said to her, "Lovely doughter, could you stay in the house one day with me?"

"Mum, today is very important, everyone is expecting me at work."

"But, honey, it is raining outside."

"Mum , It doesn't matter to me. I'm a professional, don't worry."

"But", Sitar whispers.

Froshy was gone. Sitar was left alone. Frogshy came home and realized something was the matter. Sitar had passed away and she was holding Frogshy's picture.

Story and drawing of by Betty in the Storytelling program with Della .

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