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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work- Vancouver


Space Cat by Aurelie

My story is about a space cat and a young boy. Tooki is a space cat, we don't know how old is he, because he never changes his body. He helps the children to realize their dreams. During the day, we can't see him, because he doesn't exist. But only at night we can see him, because many children dream to go to space.

One night, Dany dreamed about space. He wanted to go to the Planet Mars. Suddenly, he woke up, because he saw a glaring light through the window. He woke up and saw a flying saucer in the garden. He was very surprised. Dani opened the door and moved near the flying saucer.
"Who are you?" said Dani
"I'm a space cat", said Tooki.
"'How did you become a space cat?" ask Dani.
" I'll tell you a secret", said Took,. "When I was a baby cat, I wanted to see space and my father could to go to space, but me I didn't know how. And one time, I saw him in the garden with a flying saucer, and I was very afraid. In the morning, I asked him what was he doing in the garden last night? And he told me, he had the power to go to space but nobody knew about this. After three months, my father died from cancer. And one day, when I woke up, I was in a flying saucer, in space. My father gave me his power. It was very exciting for me and since this day I go space every night.- So now, come on. I would you to realize your dream" , said Tooki
" I can't, I must go to school tomorrow", Dani answered.
"You'll be here tomorrow again to go to school, I promise", Tooki said.
"Oh, okay", said Dani

They left the house and went to space. Dani was a little afraid because he thought his parents discovered that he wasn't in his bed. In space, Dani saw many planets, many stars and shooting stars. Arriving on the planet Mars, Dani was so glad. His dream was realized, he didn't believe his eyes.

On the Planet Mars, he saw many martians which worked to help revive this planet. They played with them and after Dani and Tooki spoke to them. Dani told to Tooki that he didn't have many friends at school because he was smart and the other boys were jealous. After one hour, they arrived back home. Dani went to space and had a new friend, Tooki. He realized his dream and he never forgot this night.

And you, what is your dream ???

Story and drawing by Aurelie in the Storytelling program with Della .


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