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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Pink Elephant by Ai

Pink Elephant by Ai

Once upon a time there was a pink elephant that was many beautiful colors. He lived in the Golden Temple in the sky. He was coming to our world and dropping stones once a year. A person saw the elephant and got the stone and made their wishes come true.
One day, a boy was egotistical and didn't listen to his parent got the stone. He wished that he could live alone and disappear from all the people. After that he was the only person in the world. He was happy as he could do everything without trouble.
After a while, however he felt lonely and was crying. Surprisingly the chief of the village came and said that the people could not live alone and needed to help each other. The boy at this time wished to live with his parents. The pink elephant knew this and satisfied him with his wish. He became a good boy and listened to his parents.

And then he and his family lived happily ever after.


Story and drawing by Ai in the Storytelling program with Della .

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