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Storytelling Fun ! 2005

Della's students work - Vancouver

Jek and Jany by Angela

Jek and Jany by Angela


Jek and Jany lived in Pigs Town. Jek lived the King's Palace as he is prince and his father is the king. His father hoped Jek could be successor to his estate one day and wanted Jek to get married to the princess in the neighborhood castle.
There is a complication, as Jek loved another woman. Jek thought, " I can never marry without affection." Jek loved Jany who lived in the country. Her parents are very poor.
One day Jek thought. "Ill go to see my father and then I'll tell my father I want to marry Jane." The next day Jek told his father but his father is very stubborn. The king opposes the marriage. The King said, "You get out of my castle."
Jek was sad but had a quiet wedding with Jany. So they started on a journey to the moon.
Jany said, " I am very happy." Jek said, "Me too, darling."
Jek's father was very sad. He thought, "Jek, please come back to the castle, I will permit your marriage." But Jek and Jany never came back.


Story and drawing by Angela in the Storytelling program with Della .

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