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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

The Lonely Elf by Laura

The Lonely Elf - Laura

Once upon a time there was a lonely elf. She was very beautiful and friendly. One day she said" "I can make people happy!" She saw a stranger who was walking by her house. He was a stranger and he said, " May I have something to eat, would you give me some food?" Suddenly she looked in his eyes and he looked in her eyes too. They both fell in love, but she was an elf and lived a couple of hundred years and he was a normal man who died when he was 87 years old.
She was so sad and cried the whole time and never smiled again. She said, " I should move on a cloud away from people." She lived in a cloud castle. She had a big butterfly, which was beautiful. This butterfly showed her emotions. If she was happy she was very colorful and all the people who saw her became happy too. When she was disappointed it was a brown violet color.
She was sad and grieving so she lived and cried on top of her cloud castle. And that's the reason for the rain. If the butterfly lands on the cloud it becomes a rain cloud but luckily it is in good condition and does not land and there are many sunny days. When it rains next time remember the sad romance of the lonely elf.

Story and drawing by Laura in the Storytelling program with Della .

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