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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

The Magic Door by Si Hong

Magic Door by Si Hong

Once upon a time there was a beautiful beach. Every day the reflection of the stars on the sea was fantastic. A little girl lived near the sea and walked the beach every night to see the reflections. Suddenly big waves came to her and covered everything. When the girl woke up she realized that she was on an island and there was nobody. She wanted to go home but there was no way. There was a big stone. The little girl walked to the stone and there was a magical door. The little girl was wondering, "What is it? Should I go in the door?" The curious little girl decided to enter. She felt the warm atmosphere, which was like a mother's chest, and then she realized that she was in the sea. She thought. " Wow, I am in the sea. I can breath in the sea but it is difficult to move without fins." She sank down and down and down.
When she reached the bottom she saw a turtle. The turtle said, " Where did you come from? It has been 100 years since I last saw a human. How did you get here?"
"I just came here through the door on the stone", said the little girl.
Turtle said, "Oh, a magic door, you found a magic door, lucky little girl you are."
Little girl said, "But Mr. Turtle I can't move easily, it's very difficult to swim by my little hands."
"Okay little girl, I will give you wings, but when you go out from the sea you will disappear, keep that is mind." And then the turtle swung his magic stick.
Suddenly the light appeared beyond the girl and she got beautiful white wings on her back.
She could control the wings by her mind.
The little girl traveled in the sea and saw a whale. At the time the whale looked like he was having problem. The curious girl asked, " What the matter, are you okay? You look sick."
"No I got a stomachache. I think something is in my stomach."
"Oh.that is too bad. What can I do for you?"
"Okay, I will come into the body and then I will try to find what's wrong.
"Okay, that's good, thanks""
The whale opened its huge mouth. The girl went through the mouth and reached the stomach. They tried to find something. Finally they found a fishbone and she removed it.
The whale said, "Thanks very much, because you helped me I will give you a wish."
"Oh really?? I want to go home but I don't know the way. Can you help me?"
"Of course, climb on my back and hold my fin."
The whale swam through the sea. At last they reached the coast near the girl's house. The little girl said, "Thanks so much. I have to go right now. My parents are worrying about me. Thank you, Bye-bye."

The Magic Door by Si Hong from Della's Storytelling program





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