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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Symphony of Instuments by Kevin

There were three brothers in the instrument family.

The first brother is a guitar, his name is Hendrix. he likes being alone. He is so selfish.
He thinks he is handsome, but he does not have good looks. But his playing is very famous so he had many
concerts with his band. He has a girlfriend "Bass" in his band. They are lovestruck, so they are so happy.

His second brother is a cello, his name is Pava. he is a good man. He always keep the traffic laws
and respects his parents, and he is good at playing ballad, jazz, and classical music.
He is not famous like his older brother but his plan is to be a conductor of symphony.
So he wants to be have a lot of concerts.

The last brother is a syndi (electronic piano), his name is Evilin. His life is "in the fast lane."He drives his car everywhere and he always plays music, everyone feels relaxed and happy around him..

One day night, Hendrix came back home. He had a hardtime with his girlfriend "Bass",so he is
exhausted. He sat gently on the sofa, and told to himself. "What a fool I am ! I love her so much."
Soon Evilin came home, he slammed the door hard, so it sounded loud. Hendrix wanted to know what he was doing out so late.
E : " It's my business ! Why are you so angry ? "
H : "I think you are upset now..."
E : " Hey,brother. I'm 19 years old. Don't treat me like a baby."
And Pava heard them arguing and tried to make peace with Hendrix and Evilin.
P : " Calm down, my brothers. I think it's not time to fight. I have a good idea. Do you want to hear this idea ? "
E : " OK. Sounds good. Show me."
P : " I wanna have a concert. Let's perform a concert together ! "
E : " That's good."
H : " Umm...I am annoyed. Please NOT with me."
So Hendrix went to his room and a few minutes later he played his sad story. Pava and Evilin just
listened to him playing. After a minute, he played a music filled with Handrix mood, and Evilin, too.
And Evilin change moods(the feeling from sad to happy)
So everyone played smiling.

Today is Hendrix, Pava, Evilin's concert day. So there was tension before performing the concert.
But they had a great, perfect concert. The audience all screamed and cheered.
At the end of the concert, Hendrix played a single. His playing was only for his girlfriend "Bass"
So she was surprised and impressed. She hugged him in her arms. Everyone smiled.




Story and drawing by Kevin in the Della's Storytelling program. .

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