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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Butterfly by Gizem

Butterfly by Gizem

The weather was terrible. Everybody was running somewhere. There was a baby caterpillar on the road. Nobody picked it up because they did not want to get wet. A handsome boy who was running away from the rain saw the caterpillar and picked it up and put it someplace safe. So this is how the caterpillar called Merry was saved.

After a long time Merry grew up and became a beautiful butterfly. She was happy to grew up but she had one thing going on in her head. She wanted to become a human being. There was only one way to make this possible - a man nad to say her name and admire her.

Merry was always watching peole and trying to learn how they wer behaving,talking, eating, and everything about them. She was always talking to her friends about her wish. The other butterflies were laughing at her because they did not believe it could come true.

One day while she was resting on a flower, a group of people came and sat on the lawn. Merry was happy because she had the chance to observe them but she did not have enough courage to go near and talk to them She was afraid they would not like her. One of the boys said, "What a beautful butterfly you are!" Merry was scared and she thought she would run away. Suddenly the word went out, "Thank you."

They talked and talked and it was time to go home. At the end of the conversation the boy said, "Nice to meet you. I liked you, you are like a rainbow and a very nice butterfly called Merry! Take care of yourself."

Now it was the time she had been waiting for. Her life was saved by a handsome boy. Her wish came true. After the people went Merry became human, a beautiful girl. But it was not exactly what she wanted. It was just a big step in the wish becoming true. Since the boy saved her life she is a beautful girl, not a butterfly so there is no difficulty in finding a man to fall in love with. She then had to find her hero.

Love is something that we cannot explain, we can only understand by living.




Story and drawing by Gizem in the Storytelling program with Della .


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