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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Sky by Charlotte

Sky by Charlotte

Sky by Charlotte

Once upon a time there was many kinds of animals in the sea. One day a fish was bored and said, " Why don't we see what is outside."
The cuttlefish said, " We do not live and the water and we do not fly. "
The Blue fish said, " Why don't you try to fly, the sky is the same color as the sea." So Blue fish packed his luggage. The other fish did as well.
The fish found they could fly in the sky. The other sea animals were surprised.
Next starfish tried to fly. The other sea animals started to try. They could fly in the sky with freedom when they tried. After a while the fish was flying in the sky and the cuttlefish on the rainbow. The starfish was sliding on the rainbow. The butterfly had a spray of water above her and was taking a shower. There were all excited. They often went there.


Story Starter by Charlotte in the Della's Storytelling problem

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