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Storytelling Fun!

Della's students work - Vancouver

Stupid Snake by Chala


A long time ago a snake lived in the deep forest. Her name is Sara. When she was young she wanted to resemble her father, because her father is the strongest snake in the forest and therefore all snakes and animals are afraid of her father.She even looked like her father. Everyday she bites other snakes or animals because she wanted to be the stongest snake in the forest. Everyone was scared of her.

One day she wanted to have the strongest poison in the forest. She visited a witch and said, "I want to have the strongest poison because I want to become king of the forest."

The witch said, " Oh, stupid guy you are already strong and you don't need to bite anothe snake or to have a strong poison."

"No, I don't have enough poison to make you become a strong snake", the witch answered. "Okay, we make a deal if I give you the poison, you'll give me something."

"Okay, but I don't have anything to give", said the snake." but take whatever you think is the most valuable.'

"Okay, do not forget your promise", said the witch.

Then the snake had stong poison and other snakes died from it.

She looked for one snake that she had not bitten. She found it and bit it.

However.. the snake is... her mother .. she can hardly believe her eyes.

She visited the witch again. She said, "Hey what did you do to me?"

"Nothing", said the witch " We have made a deal."

"Oh, no, no way. I do not want this situation, please what can I do?"

"But you wanted this",said the witch. Do you want to return everything?

"Yes, Absolutely", said the snake.

"O.K. you have to bite yourself, everyday and feel pain. If you don't feel pain your mother feels pain, okay?"

And then she bit herself and felt pain everyday. She regretted her mistake.

So from then on she bite herself and did not want to harm other and is never stubborn.

Stupid Snake is by Chala in the Della's Storytelling program .

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