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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Super Fairy- by Tamara


Once upon a time there was an Magic Fairy, her name was Theodora.She is the happiness of sad children. She a very thin and short woman. She looked like a teenager with blond hair, green eyes, white skin, healthy red cheeks and a gentle smile. Her soft voice made her capable to talk to all the children and frightened away their fears.

Theodora loved nature and she lived in a Magic Garden in the clouds. From her home, she could look after all the children in the world.

One day there was a boy that was very, very sad, because his mother had passed away and he was feeling lonely. The Super Fairy, Theodora, saw the sadness of that boy from the Cloud Garden and thought of a way to help.

How do you think the problem could be solved???????????

...................................................... ????????

Garden where the Fairy lives and Yellow Butterfly Friend

Super Fairy drawn by Tamara Toledo in the Della's Storytelling program.

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