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Storytelling Fun !

Della's students work - Vancouver

Beautiful Butterfly - Cho-Cho by Ikumi


Once upon a time there was a huge butterfly who lived in Peaceful Land. Her name is Cho-Cho. Her job is to carry people anywhere they want to go. She loves peace so she never gets money from passengers but instead she makes them do a good deed for the day. This is the fare.

Everyday many people ride on Cho-Cho and they give some flowers as a tip as flowers are her favourite.

Cho-Cho's body has many colors and she can change colors, so if people request their favourite color, she can be the color.

Cho-Cho is kind, friendly,funny and cool. During the flying she always amuses people by talking. She is very popular with many people.Most people who live in Peaceful Land have good personalies and trust one another.

Se also has a 6th sense so if somone doesn't do a good deed after flying, she knows and tries to have them do something good.

What do you think are some of the bad things people may do that the butterfly may have to warn them about a?????????????????????????? What are the good things they could do instead????????

Beautiful Butterfly made by Ikumi in the Della's Storytelling program.

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