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Original Stories to tell.

Students in Della's stoytelling class made story books of their own original stories. Here is Sung Min's story that he has written and illustrated.

Ranky's New Friends

by Sung Min

One day, a strange animal called Ranky left the moon. He looked like a rabbit, but he wasn't a rabbit. He had two hands and two legs but he does not have a body. He looked like a stick with hands and legs. He couldn't walk. If he wanted to go anywhere, he could go with his rollerskates, and he always was listening to music. Someone said, "If you turn off the music you will die." But this was just a legend.

After three days he came to the Earth. He never made any friends. He lived alone, so he felt lonely. He thought going to Earth is a chance to meet someone. Anyway, now he was at the Earth.



Everyday he wanted to make friends, but it is not easy for him, he did not even make one. He was strange looking and the people who lived on the Earth thought he was different, so they did not want to open their minds to him. Ranky was so sad. He cried and cried a lot..



He was thinking about how to get along with everyone. Suddenly, a good idea came to his head- It's music. He tried listening to music with one boy. The boy was pleased to do that, because on the Earth everyone knows what music is.

Then , finally, Ranky made a lot of friends by sharing music with everyone. He felt so happy that he didn't want to go back to the moon.



By Sung Min








Ranky's new friends by Sung min

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