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Stories to tell.

Adaptation by Young Rong

Students in Della's storytelling class at ILSC made story books of their favourite stories. Here is Young Rong's adaptation of a story that she has written and illustrated.. This is a story adapted from a traditional folk tale which is told in many countries.

"Rat's Son -in-law"!

Once upon a time Mr/ Rat and Mrs Rat wer anxious to marry their darling daughter into a respectable family. At first they thought of Mr. Sun to be the highest station and first choice for them.

Mr. Rat made overtures to Mr. sun who replied," My friend, I should rather like to recommend to you Mr. Cloud, who can stop me from shining. Cloud said, "You seem not to remember there is one more worthy of my honor than I. It is the wind. Iam a slave to Mr. Wind. His blasts and grumbles make me go where I do not want to go.


Mr. Rat talked to Mr. Wind. Mr wind refused to be the son-in-law of Mr. Rat. He said he was powerful enough as the forest tremble in his presence. But there is one who is more powerful- Mr. Stone.

So saying he wondered how he could of overlooking such a powerful and close neighbour as Mr. Stone. The Stone said, " It is true I check the progress of Mr. Wind who commands the Clouds wh overpowers Mr. Sun. But oh Might Rat. Your race can undermine me and make me fall in an instance. I am at your mercy.

They realized it was not so bad giving away their darling darling daughter to a Rat -one of their own kind -a kinsmen.



"Sometimes the answer can be right at your doorstep".


"Rat's son-in-law" by Young Rong

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