What's New in Dodo Land. (Dodoland)

Della and Dale have gotten back from to California where they interviewed 3 artists/innovators for the "Island of Eyes" and do one storytelling with the EarthChild Environment Foundation. We will share some digital photos from this beautiful part of the world in the beginnng of August. Check out the Crystal Wish story - an important story for today which is part of "Magical Earth Secrets". The Dodoland Castle has been renovated.

Dodoland has a new Coloring Book where you can color the "Bird Hat", Cooey ( unicorn-nautilus), Lovewind and Eagle Child.
You can also now color Elemental Dodo and Eagle Child with his full Rainbow.

Rainbow Williams (Della and Dale's godchild) did a Dodoland project in Taiwan.

A slide show has been made of some of the places in Dodoland (from the original book published in Los Angles 1977) and performances.

Friends, Janice and Rich were in Peru working in a school and orphanage with "Ayni".

Della recently communicated with the innovative educator Marijke Sluijter from Holland about her Educare project - they will be doing an English translation of their web-site soon.
Della worked with an international program at St. George's in Vancouver and has just finished an ArtSmarts project at Immaculate Conception School in April 2003.

See two new artists who have visited the Dodoland's Island of Eyes, Andy Westley
Michael Golland.

Magical Earth was told by Della in Vancouver with Bird Helmet, which is the magic hat worn to travel to Dodo Land,

at the Vancouver International Children's Festival at Salish Sea Day
The administration , such a Lucy Lareau and many others were busy organizing a fantastic day.

Since the day was focused on an environmental theme the opening ceremonies were done by native elders Leonard George of the Tsleilwaututh Nation and
Abner Thorne of the Cowichan Nation who sang with Holly Artnzen.

"Holly Arntzen and the Dream Band" sang from the Salish Sea CD, and did lots of wonderful things.

Holly believes kids learn about the environment through music and singing and communities working together and she sang with the children's choir of Moberly school .

A Giant clay castle was made by everyone as each one added a little to make the whole.

In the Alcan Imagination Station you could make Fantasy Hats with reycled materials.
The Planetarium folks, plus Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, Environment Canda, GVRD, and the Vancouver Marine Science Centre did many activites to helped us to explore sea creatures including making paintings by pressing rubber fish and star fish on paper. Through the large white tents woven a
Parade of stilted figures including an Eagle, Blue Heron,

and to everyone's surprise later there was also a

Public Dreams Dinosaur.
Della and the Eagle Child were happy to be part of the Vancouver International Children's Festival and see so many children caring about the environment on Salish Sea Day.

Della went back Saturday and it was a day full of creativity and imagination. She met puppeteer Matthias Kuchta from Germany who used life sized textile puppets to bring out the depth and richness of th Grimm Brother's story. He used child participation and was able to show the imagination and magic of the child to everyone in the audience.

Another show called "Art Gaffaw" is about being an artist. It was cleverly done by artistic performer Jim Jackson. It was a Circus of Art - through the eyes of a clown. We see what happens when easel's speaks, portraits come alive, and still life's dance. He tells his story with magic, juggling and really giant bubbles.
After the show Della wandered out to see the beautiful summer day in Vancouver and all the outdoor activities.

There was a a Giant Stick Like puppet talking to a child dressed as a fairy. Yes! It was time for magic and imagination at the Vancouver International Children's Festival.
Thanks to all the children and "child withins" of the adults weaving a tapestry together!

Della and Dale have been invited to represent Canada and be on the Steering Committee of the Future Vessel in Sweden at The Future Vessel event 2002-Roots and Space 1-6 of June in Stockholm. The Future Vessel is a unique three-dimensional creation reflecting people's hopes and dreams for the Future. It is the 20th anniversary celebration of Globetree . It will also highlight World Environment Day, the 5th of June which was established 30 years ago at the first UN-conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm called the Stockholm Conference. Della's story Magical Earth Secrets was presented at the Future Vessel 12 years ago by children at the concert hall in Stockholm before being a book.

Della attended with many Canadian authors a TWUC meeting on Saltspring where there was a fundraiser to make a brochure for the WITS Writers in the Schools program. They took a photo to send Good Wishes to Penny Dickens.

Della's new art/story which is still under development called "Stone Journey" was presented at the Community Arts Council Gallery in Victoria last May. She has been booked for another major show of her paintings at the Community Arts Council Gallery in April of 2003.

Della and Dale participated at theWorld Festival for Island Cultures in Jeju Island, Korea from May 19 - June 17, 2001. In WOFIC's web-site you can find us under Special Events. Thirty Islands participated in the festival and some are now featuring in Dodoland . We have just put up a new slide shows of New Zealand, Bali, Scotland ( Hebrides), Brazil , Papua-New Guinea ,Sri Lanka, Mongolia,, Cambodia, Chiloe-Chile, India ( Adaman & Nicobar), Shanghai-China , Japan , Estonia and Madagascar at the Festival. You can decide the time between slides and push Play for the slides to change automatically. To you can get back to the front page of Dodo Land by using the back button. Enjoy these wonderful performances.

We have put up a new Applets created by Robert Engel from Europe in the Animation Gallery & Coloring Book. You can put lines of all the colors of the rainbow on the Island of Eye mountain, Rainbow Dolphin, and on the drawings in the Coloring Book. Check it out - it is a lot of fun. Thanks Robert for your idea. Send Animation ideas to dodoland@dodoland.com.
Glen Burford has put together Video Streaming of pictures from the Dodoland book and performances of Dodoland at the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute and CityCorp in New York. The Dodoland Song is by Jerry Shrair from our historical file. You can view this from the front page. It looks great when you view it with the full screen option in Realaudio- go to the magnifying glass.

A beautiful new "Peace Scroll" book has been published by the Seed of Life Peace Foundation in Wales, A Children's Peace Section of the book was compiled by Diana Rhodes with the help of Dodoland and the Earthchild Environment Foundation. Many people who placed wishes on our web-site were included in the book. At the Peace Scroll link on this page you can get more information.

For 2003 make a Peace or Earth Wish to share with others in Dodoland. You can do this from our front page. Good thoughts and wishes make the stars shine! Scroll down for Front Page.

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