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For Teachers & Parents, all young and those "young at heart" for exploring
one's own vision, unique selves and bigger stories.

What is Dodoland in Cyberspace?

Each activity area is reinforcing the themes of being "creative and imaginative" which is the main focus of "Journey to Dodoland" and "to love and protect the earth" which is the theme of "Magical Earth Secret" and finding "happiness & health" which is the theme of "Miracle Galaxy" in the Castle and building vision and dreams which is the theme of "Dream Wheels" .

Dodoland in Cyberspace is an interactive learning
centre for both the young (and young at heart).

Six Activity Centres
Dragon Ship is a Story centre
Night Bubble is a creative centre where one be inspired featuring art, it has travel,and festivals.
Singing Tree is place to learn about Dodoland, the creators, history and music.
Giant Flower Island is an eco-centre - be inspired, love the earth
Island of Eyes meet Authors/Artists/Vision Builders & to learn about dreams and "living your dream"
Miracle Castle is a Angel centre with rooms to share values, wishes, solutions,building vision and feeling happiness and health.

Rationale for the site

Dodo Land in Cyberspace is a happy, meaningful, place to build vision and creativity. It shows, the power of art and writing, (can be extended to music, movement, drama or I.T. ) in developing one's self esteem and creativity, finding one's unique self and bigger story. It encourage positive solutions to confront environmental problems. When we have new knowlege about the environment- pollution problems and solutions - new choices are made. When we look at nature and recognize the beauty and the cycles, we want to take care of it. When artistic activities in art, writing, drama, music and creative I.T. projects are done, it can convey a message that can influence people to make changes to their own individual development and to help themselves and the earth be healthy. They can be accomplished together. Creativity, care for the earth, vision building for health and happiness, understanding dreams and " living one's dream" are emphasized.


  • 1. To help develop a creative and diverse approach in expressing feelings and one's unique self.
  • 2. To gain self esteem and confidence.
  • 3. To realize personal importance in helping the environment.
  • 4. To gain knowlege about environmental issues and the world.
  • 5. And to achieve satisfaction in sharing in interactivity and participation.
  • 6. To learn vision building for health and happiness.
    7. To understand dreams and "live ones dream".


  • 1) It is people based-every person has a unique response. This helps develop self confidence. All people who feel confident are more likely to work cooperatively with others. Reaching out to others from around the world to help build confidence.The stories are global and are multi-cultural and can be multi-ligual.
  • 2) It is perceptual, emphasizing the one's ability (all ages) to be sensitive and respond with feelings about themselves, others and the environment. Increased perceptual awareness of oneself brings of about a greater understanding and a desire to care for the environment.
  • 3) It is interdisciplinary. We have designed the site to have various curriculum area crossovers. Art often leads to writing, and then to music drama and I.T. Many projects start with scientific knowledge or research. As curriculm areas overlap, and in the process of coordinated expression, understanding is enhanced.

    Dodoland in Cyberspace has been mainly conceptualized and designed by Della Burford and Dale Bertrand (Vision-Builders). It is based around four books, "Journey to Dodo Land", published 1977 - second edition 2007 and 9"Dodoland Adventures", "Magical Earth Secrets", published 1990 and "The Environmental Activity Guide", published in 1992, and "Miracle Galaxy"published in 2009- these books are collaborations by Della and Dale.

    The first issue was launched with the help of many people at the Swiftsure project which was a Canadian and British Columbian funded project. Dave Godfrey and Ivan Sinclair's knowledge was invaluable in the development. Marilyn Bowering's initial interest was appreciated. Glen Burford's continued technical support is greatly appreciated. Each new page requires designing, writing, researching, photographing, scanning, and computer work. Most of this has been done by Della and Dale.

    Josh Ardnt helped with ideas in development at one stage. In 1997 some angel friends gave assistance. Thanks again.

    The Creators of Dodoland in Cyberspace

    Della Burford is a visionary artist and author and her paintings have been in her 7 books.She also paints watercolors and acylics paintings. She has her Bachelor of Education so often thinks of educational applications of her works. . Journey to Dodo Land was performed for over seven years By Imaginations Unlimited to 100,000 children in many places including New York, Gautemala, California and Italy. Della toured to 30 schools a year for 20 years leading creative writing and art workshops as an Inner City Angel artist. She is availabe for storytelling and workshops.

    Dale Bertrand is an author, illustrator, photographer, teacher and computer web author. He has photographed in Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Japan, India, Hawaii, Gautemala, Peru, Mexico ,Thailand and Bali. He keeps busy trying to keep abreast with various new internet languages with the aim of incorporating many of the newest products so we may be able to produce a truly multimedia, interactive, creative site for children. Della and Dale and all other that helped have maintained the site as an act of love for the project and children of the world.

    Chris Martin has been doing the coding and designing of the new Dodoland web-site. His creativity is greatly appreciated. His coding skills were essential in the development to a new site. Thanks so much.

    Thank you to everyone that has helped out!

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"Journey to Dodoland" Copyright and TM 1977. Della Burford, Dodoland in Cyberspace 1995-2019 Della Burford and Dale Bertrand.